What Is My Roku Pin?

The Roku PIN is a four-digit code that is fixed up by you while building your Roku account for applying it on your Roku streaming Players. Moreover, the Roku PIN can be used to limit the purchases that are done via your Roku device. Then, you can establish the payment process on the Roku account get used to the Roku PIN buying films, TV, and channels.

This Roku PIN can be obliged to download the new channels or invent purchases, and it does not function as a content filter. The content will not be played on Roku, and it will ask you for a PIN, and you can even buy the Roku accessories and devices using this Roku PIN on the device.

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  • Creating Parental control PIN
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How To Create The Pin For Your Roku Account – go.roku.com/pin?



Follow the steps below to create the PIN for your Roku account:

  • At first, open a web browser and reach my Roku com
  • And then sign in to your Roku account using your credentials.
  • If you don’t have a Roku account, then navigate to go.roku.com/pin.
  • Secondly, from the PIN preferences, choose the Update button.
  • Moreover, choose the PIN Preference from the three choices below.
  • Requiring a PIN to make purchases and to add items from the Roku channels store
  • Want a PIN to make purchases
  • A PIN is not required to make any purchase or add any item from the channel store.
  • Thirdly, if you select the first two choices and have not made the PIN, then you will be prompted to provide a four-digit number in the PIN field.
  • Choose the Verify PIN field for confirmation.
  • Similarly, if you have a PIN, input the Verify PIN field.
  • Finally, Save Changes and then accept the terms of service.

How To Create A Parental Control Pin For The Roku Channel?

The following steps can help you to create parental control PIN for the Roku channel:

  • Firstly, you must navigate to go.roku.com/pin using a web browser on a Smartphone or your computer.
  • After that, in go.roku.com/pin, sign in to your account.
  • Secondly, from the PIN reference bar, choose the Update button.
  • Similarly, choose your parental control PIN preference from the three choices.
  • OFF: PIN is not needed to play any content
  • LITTLE KIDS: Content rated PG, 12A, 15, 18 will require a PIN
  • YOUNG KIDS – content rated 12A, 15, 18 requires a PIN
  • TEEN- All TV shows content rated U, PG, 12A, 15, 15 may watch it without PIN and content rated 18 requires a PIN
  • Finally, choose the Save Changes option and accept the terms and conditions of the service.

Hints AND Skills Enduring THE ROKU PIN

  • At first, the Roku PIN frames can change only the capacity to buy or add channels to the Roku.
  • Moreover, not all the channels will maintain funding via Roku account with a PIN, so you may want to buy some content straight from the provider.
  • Secondly, wanting a PIN to download new channels will never hit the contents played on Roku.
  • On the other hand, parental checks are accessible on Premium channels like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Go, etc.
  • Similarly, to use the PIN, make sure to fix up the payment process from the Roku account.
  • Further, an outmoded payment procedure can stop from making purchases using a PIN.
  • You can attach a payment plan by tapping an update from the Roku account menu.
  • Use the Roku PIN is a more obvious way to do purchases from Roku and receive fresh content spontaneously.
  • Finally, you can use the PIN to get associates and device grades if you wish.

How to renew My Roku PIN?

  • Firstly, open a web browser and navigate to go.roku.com/pin
  • Next, log in to the account using the credentials.
  • After that, tap the Update option from the PIN preferences to enter the Settings menu
  • Secondly, build a new PIN or renew the default PIN by implementing four digits in the text box.
  • Moreover, choose the PIN usage preference from the available list.
  • You can also pick a PIN for buying and channel installation.
  • Further, you can try to pick to turn off the PIN role.
  • Finally, click the Save changes option to save the PIN and the settings.

Want further information regarding go.roku.com/pin or in need of the procedure on how to change Roku pin, then dial to the toll-free number +1-805-292-0100 or visit Roku activation code and talk with our professional expert squad.

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