Connect your Roku Gadget to Alexa

Alexa devices are many to use with Roku. Complete the device setup and connect your Alexa to Roku gadget. Among the most used Alexa devices, introducing the top ones here

  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Echo spot
  • Echo plus

Would you like to Purchase any of These Models?

  • Wait for the best deals and offers
  • Select the one that can offer better features

Once if you select the Alexa device to use, follow the steps to complete the activation. Do not know where to find the guidelines?  Begin your search to find the manual from the device package

Note that the compatibility of these Alexa models depend on the Roku model used. It’s good to purchase the one that suits your Roku device and match with the version

Complete the device setup, use the appropriate voice commands to control your Roku gadget. Set up steps and settings  can slightly vary

Want to know how to connect your Roku Gadget to Alexa?

If you are new to Alexa and do not know how to connect the device to Roku, guidelines are here to refer

Requirements for Alexa Device Setup

Collecting the requirements is the preliminary step

  • Compatible Roku gadget
  • Active and secure Internet connection
  • Amazon Alexa app – Check your Alexa app compatibility before installation
  • Roku account with valid credentials

Would you like to know how to setup Alexa with Roku? Let us begin Alexa device setup here

Select your Roku Gadget

  • To start with, select the Roku gadget to use with Alexa
  • For brand new Roku models, refer the device setup guide
  • Understand the setup steps clearly before execution
  • Create a Roku account for new models and you can visit the page

Select your Alexa device – Check the top Alexa device review posts to decide the Alexa model to buy

Install the Amazon Alexa App

  • Visit the device app store to install Amazon Alexa app
  • Start typing the app name in the search tab
  • Select, tap on the option, download
  • You can wait until the app installation process complete
  • Once if the app installation is done, check and verify the app settings

How To Setup Alexa With Roku?

How to Setup Alexa with Roku

How to Setup Alexa with Roku

Open the Alexa app

  • Select the appropriate settings that appear on the screen
  • Now begin your search to find the TV and Video option
  • The screen will load and you can find the compatible device name
  • Add the required device. If Roku is your choice, click on the option, Roku
  • As you proceed with the settings, you may receive a prompt to sign with the Roku account
  • Provide the credentials in the required space
  • Make sure to use valid login credentials. Tap on the connect or submit tab to proceed
  • Wait for a while until the Alexa device detect the Roku gadget chosen
  • The last and final step is to check and verify the device settings using Alexa voice commands

What if you end up with Issues as you Proceed with Alexa Setup?

  • Check the Alexa device compatibility and Alexa app before installation
  • Do not skip any of the setup steps and execute the steps promptly
  • Restart your Roku and Alexa device. Ensure that you do not have any hardware and software related issues
  • Do not use invalid voice commands
  • In case if the Alexa app used is not compatible, uninstall the app and install it once again
  • To execute the settings without any interruptions, a good speed network is required. Check and verify the network connection settings
  • Replace the Alexa device with a new model, if the existing one is not compatible
  • You can view a list with the name of available devices. Select only the appropriate and required device to connect Alexa

Complete Alexa setup; control your device using the appropriate voice commands

Common Alexa voice commands to use

  • Alexa “Launch Amazon prime video on Roku”
  • Alexa ”turn up the volume on Roku”
  • mute Roku
  • Alexa “Pause Roku”
  • Alexa “show me the movies on Roku”

Note that apart from these, you have other commands too

Do not know how to setup Alexa with Roku? Understand the setup instructions and if you require any further support,  reach out to the customer support techies @ +1-805-292-0100 or visit Roku Activation Code.

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