Roku Smart TV

Rather than call it the Roku Smart TV, you can refer it in a pure tone, “Roku TV.” The name itself turns on all your senses, and it is much better than the smart TV.

It is also known to deliver the most excellent experience coupled with a perfect user interface. Several top brands such as TCL, Sharp, Hisense, Hitachi, and Magnavox have coordinated with Roku to produce the best TV’s

The TV runs on the Roku built Operating system, unlike other smart TVs that operate using Android. In this article, you shall read about the different aspects of Roku TV.

Additional Traits

In addition to the highlights stated above, features such as Smart Guide and the Live TV Pause are the significant reasons why Roku TV stands a class apart from the others. To make different connections, you have to refer to the guided setup wizard. It guides you till the Roku TV is fully setup.

How To Setup Roku Smart TV?

Among all the smart TVs that have released in recent years, Roku TV is unique and possesses a distinct setup method. The process is simple, and to perform this, you’ve to follow the steps below:

How to Setup Roku Smart TV

How to Setup Roku Smart TV

  1. Start by inserting the batteries in the Roku remote control
  2. On the remote, push the power button to turn on the TV
  3. After a moment, the guided setup screen gets displayed
  4. Then choose a language, and all the data shall be shown in the selected language
  5. You can use Roku TV for two purposes: Home and store use
  6. Now it is time to connect the Roku TV to a proper internet facility
  7. Surf to settings and search for all the wireless networks in range
  8. Consequently,Select the right network and enter the key
  9. Ultimately, Choose Connect and the TV gets connected at last

Roku TV Software Update

Once the Roku TV gets linked to a wireless internet connection, the Roku OS update starts on its own. The software download gets complete, and you’ll have to reboot the system for the changes to take place.

The introduction of the Roku OS 9.3 has been an unusual move by the Japanese Manufacturer. They’ve finally answered for the backlash that they had received during the time when OS version 9.2 released around.

The interface has seen a massive improvement in the latest update as the navigation seems to be more relaxed than before. Secondly, Adding Spanish as one of Roku’s primary languages is a defining move to be appreciated.

Considering the high count of Spanish speaking residents in the USA, Roku has delivered a sublime feat at the right time.

Roku TV Activation Process

Before you try to activate your Roku, ensure whether it is synced with the Roku account. Always remember that there is no charge to activate the Roku TV. Do not resort to any independent service providers and fall prey to their lump sums.

The guidelines to activate the Roku TV shall get unveiled on the device. Sounds interesting? Right!. Then take out your mobile phone or turn on your PC. Open your default web browser to visit

Submit the code and activate the TV. After the activation process, you can include the platforms you like.

Live TV?!

Well, this might prove to be a good alternative. In case if you are a fan of Live TV, you could acquire a setup box from a cable TV provider. Connect the box to one of the TV’s HDMI ports and get your binge-watching done.

But resorting to apps such as Fubo TV, Hulu, and Sling TV provides you a more trailblazing experience

How Do You Setup Roku Smart TV Without Remote?

The answer to this query is most likely sure to be a myth. But there is a way to do even the weirdest of things.

You’ve got one tool to perform this process, and it is better by known the name, the Roku Mobile app.

This app is known to be the replacement remote for the hardware version you have in your hand. Things should become apparent when you setup the mobile hotspot to modify or alter the Wi-Fi settings on your Roku TV.

Use the Remote icon on the app to navigate through the Roku TV interface.


You must’ve noticed the Setup Guide that came with your Roku TV. Refer the instructions in the guide to tackle the issues you face.

If you’re finding it difficult to cope with the hindrances of your Roku TV, call the support team @ +1-805-292-0100 or visit Roku activation code and let us know. We are known to provide the most exceptional solutions!

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