How To Turn Off the Roku Streaming Players

If you are in great confusion to get the steps to turn off the Roku, then here is the blog which explains to you about How to Turn off the Roku? Make use of this blog and enjoy your Roku experience without the issues

How to Turn off the Roku 2?

You can turn off the Roku using two different methods. One is the AC power shutoff option, and the other is the USB power shutdown option.

How to Turn off the Roku

How to Turn off the Roku

AC Power Shutoff Option

  • Removing the power adapter from the wall outlet is the simple way to turn off the Roku
  • If suppose the Roku 2 is connected with the surge protector you can use this method
  • In case if the Roku is connected via a smart power strip, then the Roku 2 device will shut off after some time

USB Power Shutdown Option

  • If your Roku is linked via the USB cable, then remove the power adapter from the wall outlet and shut down the Roku 2 device

How to Turn off the Roku 3?

  • Roku 3 device doesn’t design with the power off button
  • So the only method to turn off the Roku 3 is you need to remove the power cord from the wall outlet
  • Even after unplugging the power cord, the Roku will go to the power saving mode only after 30 minutes
  • If you need to make this process simple, you can use the smart power strip to link the Roku 3 to the wall outlet

How to Turn off the Roku 4?

  • There is a lot of difference between the Roku 1,2,3 when compared to the Roku 4
  • You can not find the turn off button on the Roku 4, so you need to complete the turn off process using the remote
  • To turn off the Roku 4 is a simple step and has the direct method to turn off
  • First update your Roku 4 device, that will add the extra feature to add the direct method to turn off the Roku 4
  • Move to the settings option and tap the system option
  • You will get the list of three options under the power menu
  • Choose the auto power-off option, and the system will turn off within a few seconds
  • If you choose the power off option, then the Roku 4 will shut down successfully

How to Turn off the Roku Express?

  • You cannot turn off the Roku express directly, all you can do the indirect methods like the switching off the device or enabling the power-saving mode
  • Even though the Roku express is off, the videos will keep playing until you turn on it again
  • By connecting the Roku express with the smart strip, you can turn off the device by unplugging the USB from the power slot
  • Through this, you can save energy

How to Turn off the Roku Premiere?

  • Navigate to the settings option via the Roku remote
  • Then select the system option
  • Choose the power option from the list
  • Then move on with the power off option
  • After getting the turn off option from the settings, proceed with the turn off steps

How to Turn off the Roku Streaming Stick?

  • If your tv is providing the power supply through the HDMI port, then you can remove the stick from the tv’s HDMI port
  • By this, the Roku streaming stick will turn off automatically
  • If the power source is given through the USB adapter, then you need to unplug the USB cable from the power source to turn off your Roku streaming stick

How to Turn off the Roku Ultra Device?

  • Go to the settings through the Roku remote
  • Choose the System option from the settings
  • Then move on with the power option
  • After you get the auto power-off option; please enable it, and your Roku TV will turn off within some seconds

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