Roku activation code is a 4-digit alphanumeric unique code which is essential to activate your Roku. The streaming leader, Roku offers you a humongous amount of TV shows and movies that you can watch. For using your Roku device, first, you must activate it. You may obtain the Roku activation code during your device setup and you have to enter it by visiting However, sometimes you may encounter some issues with your Roku activation code. You can clear the Roku activation code not working issue easily by following the steps below.

Let’s take a brief look at the causes and troubleshooting of these issues

Causes and Troubleshooting of Roku Activation Code Not Working

Roku Activation Code Not Working

Roku Activation Code Not Working

Incorrect Code

  • While entering the code always ensure to note down the code properly and enter it correctly
  • Moreover, Roku activation code is case sensitive so always be careful while entering the code
  • Ensure that you enter the uppercase and lowercase characters correctly while activating your device

Expired Code

  • Sometimes the Roku activation code may expire if you don’t use it in a while
  • To acquire a new Roku activation code press the ‘*’ (star) button on your Roku remote
  • You will acquire a new Roku activation code, so take this code and enter it in

Faulty Internet Connection

  • Check if your Internet connection is working properly and test it by connecting another device to the network
  • To get rid of slow connectivity, disable the other devices that are using the same network
  • Following this, make sure that your router is not far away and there are no obstacles between them

If the Roku activation code not working issue persists, start your activation process once again. Ensure that you follow all the steps without skipping any

Roku Activation

  • Turn your Roku device on and select your country and language
  • Following this, the Roku device will search for the available networks
  • Thereafter, select your SSID network from the list of networks on your screen
  • After that, connect your Roku device to your wireless network by entering your WEP or WPA network key
  • If there is a software update prompt, allow your Roku device to go through the update
  • Subsequently, a Roku activation code will appear on the screen
  • Before navigating to, you must have a Roku account
  • If you don’t have a Roku account navigate to and create your free Roku account by entering your details
  • Complete the account creation process by choosing a Roku pin and entering the payment details
  • Following this, navigate to on your computer and enter the Roku activation code
  • Make sure that you enter the code correctly and click ‘Submit’
  • Finally, your Roku device will get linked to your Roku account

Now you can start enjoying the endless fun and entertainment that is available on Roku. If the activation process couldn’t resolve the issue, then you can choose the factory reset option.

Factory Reset your Roku Device

  • Press the home button on your Roku remote and navigate to ‘Settings’
  • Following this, select ‘System’ -> ‘Advanced system settings’ -> ‘Factory reset’ -> ‘Factory reset everything’
  • Otherwise, press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds which is present at the back of your Roku device
  • Now your Roku device is ready for activation

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