Roku Streaming Stick+

The Roku streaming stick plus is not the latest in your product line-up but is the best among the company’s other products. It is a real value for money. It was launched at around 70 bucks but later the price dropped to almost 40$. This comes with a variety of customizability options but doesn’t over-do it by complicating the user interface and the working method. The ever simple UI, fluid controls and navigation, availability of the content from various platforms, the options to stream the content in various resolutions like 4K, 4K UHD, HDR, 1080P, etc. could this be anymore better? You can visit to complete the Roku streaming stick plus setup.

The device is available in almost all the famous e-commerce websites. The box includes,

  1. The Roku stick.
  2. Enhanced point anywhere remote.
  3. Power adaptor.
  4. An advanced wireless receiver.
  5. USB power extender cable.
  6. Quick start guide and batteries.

The enhanced point-anywhere remote is the result of an “out of box thinking” that is very practical, not to mention the voice search on the remote. You need a 4K compatible device and also a fast and reliable internet connection to get the best out of the Roku streaming stick plus setup.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus Setup Procedure

Follow the steps below to complete the Roku streaming stick plus setup,

Roku Streaming Stick Plus Setup

Roku Streaming Stick Plus Setup

  • Refer to the quick start guide to see how the device and the cable should be connected to the TV.
  • Connect the Roku streaming stick plus to the TV directly using the HDMI port. You can also use an HDMI cable extender to connect the Roku streaming stick plus to the TV.

You can connect the power cable to the device in two different ways.

  1. HDMI> Roku> USB power cable with advanced wireless receiver> USB power extender cable> power adaptor> wall socket.
  2. HDMI> Roku> USB power cable with advanced wireless receiver> USB port on the TV
  • The first method is more reliable than the second one as the power supply should be steady and sufficient, some of the TV sets cannot supply the required power. Connect the USB power cable with advanced wireless receiver to a TV only when there are no possible ways to connect it to a wall socket.
  • Now power up the device, select the appropriate input source from the TV. In a couple of seconds, you can see the Roku logo on your TV screen.
  • You have to select the language with which the Roku device is going to interact with you. Choose the language appropriately; you can always change this language preference later from the settings page.
  • The next page will ask you to connect the Roku to an internet connection. Connecting the device to a wireless network is the best thing to do.
  • Enter the correct network credentials.
  • Once the device connects to the network, it will look for automatic software updates. These updates are important for the device to operate properly. So sit back and relax, till the updates are over.

After the Update:

  • The device will restart after the software updates to apply the changes made.
  • Now, the resolution setup page will appear. You can manually set the resolution or you can let the resolution set automatically. The resolution depends upon the HDMI port that your Roku streaming stick plus is connected to.
  • If your television supports 4K and you are unable to see the option in your TV, click on the “try again” tab after you connect it to the port the right way. If still the problem persists contact the support team or refer to the Roku streaming stick plus manual.
  • The next step is to set the remote with your Roku device. You can set this remote for the Roku device anytime you want. Just navigate to settings and go to devices, you will find the option “remote” under the devices.
  • Now the interface will navigate you to a fully customizable home screen.
  • Now all that’s left is to create a Roku account and link the account with the device to proceed further.

Activating the Roku account

  • Once the home screen displays, you will find the Roku activation code on the TV.
  • Make a note of this activation code and make sure to copy it exactly as it’s shown.
  • Now, fire up your laptop or smartphone and launch your web browser.
  • Visit
  • Enter the activation code at the space given and click on submit.
  • It will take a few seconds for the code to verify.
  • Once the code verifies, a popup will indicate the successful linking of the account.
  • You can start adding your favorite channels right away.

For further assistance regarding Roku streaming stick plus setup or, please contact our support team @ +1-805-292-0100 who are always happy to help you.

If the Roku streaming stick plus setup is the only thing standing between you and loads of entertainment, it is time you read this blog.

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